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Take some time to learn about RBC?


You will quickly learn that although our platforms are similar, the markets are the same over here, everything else is different, especially the culture, where your team would service YOUR clients, thru our help.

Our business culture is always client first, we push nothing, and our offices feel like a family, small and elite, with highly trained staff.

One of the main selling points for RBC WM is our focus on growth, your growth. Our average FA raises $8-12m per year in net new assets, the industry is zero, and of the 70 FAs in the DC Complex the big teams raise $40m -$100m per year.  My management team hosts roughly one big client event per month for you to bolt onto if you choose, which is why we are always a top net new asset raiser at RBC.

All the platforms are the same, it’s our family feel culture putting clients first that has been our differentiator.  We would help you build your business your way. RBC is agnostic to our FA’s businesses, so you need not participate in any of my client events, but they are happening if you want to join and invite clients or prospects.  We have won awards for our community service, and been consistently voted as a Best Place to work by the Washington Business Journal.

RBC is the hottest firm on The Street, a combination of a wire-house platform with only 1,850 big FA’s, thru elite small offices.  For instance my Chevy Chase branch has only 14 FA’s who average nearly $2 million, our Rockville branch has only 16 FAs, Frederick and Hagerstown each have only 5, totally different than most firms.

Start dreaming of how you can make 4X your income at RBC over the next 5 years, and have more fun doing it!

In the meantime, here is some info about RBC and our complex, the #1 complex at RBC w/ a $1.4m per FA ave, including our Divisional Director’s bio, Pat Vaughan, who has an LOS of 24 years.

Warm regards,

Warren Bischoff
Washington, DC Complex Director
Senior Managing Director
RBC Wealth Management
Chevy Chase, MD





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